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Dr. Malcor and Family on Virginia and Trukee Railroad

Born Linda A. Peterson, Dr. Malcor is a free-lance writer and researcher. She lives in Lake Forest, California with her husband and their two sons and daughter. She enjoys cooking, singing, war games, science fiction and fantasy.

Dr. Malcor earned her A.B. with "Cum Laude" honors in English (Her minors were in history and comparative literature) from Occidental College in June, 1984. She then went to UCLA, where she earned her M.A. in Folklore and Mythology (Celtic Studies and Narrative) in 1986 and her doctorate in Folklore and Mythology (Medieval Studies and Indo-European Comparative Mythology) in 1991.

She is a lifetime member of the California Scholarship Federation. As a high school student she received many awards for physics projects in science fairs, including the Victor Gruen Award (1978). She appears in many editions of Who's Who, beginning in high school and continuing until the current year (most recently Who's Who in Entertainment, Who's Who in the West and Who's Who Among American Women). As a high school student, she won the Thespian Unsung Hero Award (1979). The same year she won the Medallion Award in Liberal Arts (1979). She attended college in part on a scholarship from the Presbyterian Church. While a graduate student, she repeatedly earned the "Best Student Paper" award from the Southern California Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Malcor is a member of many scholarly organizations, including Phi Alpha Theta, the Western States Folklore Society (formerly the California Folklore Society), the American Folklore Society, UCLA Friends and Alumni of Indo-European Studies and the International Arthurian Society, in addition to those already mentioned. She has recently been selected as an Overseas Associate Member of the Late Antiquity Research Group (LARG). As an election Inspector, she served on voting Boards for local, state, and federal elections for ten years while she was in Los Angeles (She plans to work on elections in Orange County, if the opportunity presents itself.). She is also a member of the Log Cabin Republicans, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the Human Rights Campaign. Dr. Malcor is president of Queen's Own, the Mercedes Lackey fanclub, where she maintains the persona of Herald-Mage Adept Wizard Danya Winterborn <g>.

Dr. Malcor and Family, including Epic's Dux Artorius

Dr. Malcor is an ordained elder and deacon in the Presbyterian Church. She has been a Shalom Commission member in charge of Gay and Lesbian Relations for the First Presbyterian Church of Inglewood, and she was recently on the Session of and a Trustee for St. Mark Presbyterian Church of Newport Beach. She co-chaired the Peace and Justice Commission at St. Mark from 1999-2002. From 2001-2002 she was Moderator of the Social Justice Ministries Committee for the Los Ranchos Presbytery, and she is a member of the Peacemaking subcommittee for Social Justice Ministries. She maintains the Presbyterians OUT on the Internet directory. She served as the Los Ranchos Presbytery liaison for More Light Presbyterians (1999-2000), and she was the Moderator of the Los Ranchos chapter of More Light Presbyterians (2000-2001).

Dr. Malcor has worked as a film extra, writing advisor, research assistant, teaching assistant, free-lance researcher, bibliographer, course instructor, lecturer, adjunct faculty member and much more. She has taught courses in American folklore, Arthurian studies, travel writing, methods of field research, oral history, vigilante and outlaw heroes, ethnography, and writing fiction and non-fiction books. She reads several languages and is involved in numerous research projects on a variety of topics.

Upcoming Appearance! Lucius Artorius Castus Conference, Croatia

Her publications include:

She has participated in scholarly symposia and numerous conferences.

The Centuria Series

The current works available about the Dragonlords are:

  1. Shashtah Dragonheart (©1994 L.A. Malcor)

    Dragonheart Dream

    The first of the Centuria novels, Shashtah Dragonheart details Shashtah's struggles to Bond with a Dragon, the birth of his friendship with Kashon and the growing love between the desert raider and the young Prophetess Tphah. The story carries you all over Centuria: the Great Woods, Tor, Rashtar, the Northern Wastes, and Cinnamar. (No, this is not a real book cover. This is just me daydreaming in Paint Shop Pro 4 <g>.)

  2. Dragonrider of Dumnonia (©1994 L.A. Malcor)

    Dragonrider Dream

    Shashtah's adventures continue. In this novel, he goes through the Training with his beloved Tphah--under Dragonlord Kashon's watchful eye. Travel with Shashtah and his family to Mount Paradin, the Elven Kingdom, Tor, and Krillion. Struggle with him against the injustices he finds in the world as he tries to raise a family of fosterlings in the middle of a war. (Once again, this is not a real book cover. This is just me daydreaming in Paint Shop Pro 4 <g>.)

  3. Dragonlord of Dumnonia (©1995 L.A. Malcor)

    Dragonlord Dream

    Shashtah, now a Dragonlord, joins with Kashon in a desperate attempt to save the Dumnonian race from extinction. With the help of their powerful ally, the White Wolf, the Dragonlords disappear into a Magic Room, where time goes faster than it should, to raise an entire generation of Dragons and Warriors. Then comes the real challenge: Introducing the youngsters into a culture and a world that they have never known. (Still not a real book cover. This is just me daydreaming in Paint Shop Pro 4 <g>.)

  4. Dragonking of Dumnonia (©1995 L.A. Malcor)

    Dragonking Dream

    Shashtah, now a full-blown Prophet and the Dragonking, collides head-on with his own Council of Ancients when Dumnonian laws would force the Dragonheart to sentence Lord Kashon and Honored Ancient Katrell to death. Shashtah has the kingship ripped from him and his Bond with Tphah broken. Together with Kashon and Katrell, the former king flees into the desert--where he confronts some hard facts about why some of the laws he's tried to change are the way they are and what it means to ask people--and Dragons--to change traditions that have been with them for over two thousand years. (And, no, this is still not a real book cover. I'm just daydreaming in Paint Shop Pro 4 again <g>.)

  5. "Dragonlover" (©1995 L.A. Malcor)

    A short story, detailing an encounter with Katrell from the point of view of the Prophet's former Rider, Dragonlord Bahakesh.

  6. "Dragonprophet" (©1995, 1998 L.A. Malcor)

    In this short story Katrell tells how he and Kashon became Tphah's Trainers and why they decided to endure Dameth's abuse and remain under his command. The tale appeared in Eternity Magazine, Issue 16, and was a nominee for Story of the Year. "Dragonprophet" will be appearing in the trade paperback anthology The Best of Eternity, which is scheduled for release in Fall/Winter 1999. Click here for the latest details.

  7. "Dragontale" (©1995 L.A. Malcor)

    A short story, detailing Kashon's attempts to Bond with a Dragon and his first meeting with the love of his life, Katrell.

  8. "Heart to Heart" (©1995 L.A. Malcor)

    An excerpt from Dragonking in which Kashon and Shashtah explore an unexpected aspect of their friendship.

  9. "Unfair Trade" (©1998 L.A. Malcor)

    A short story, detailing Eschlend's attack on Councilor Garesh's caravan. Fifth Place winner in the Pulp Eternity Dragon Fiction Contest.

Dr. Malcor's fantasy novels are as-of-yet unpublished, but they are available to members of the Dragonlords of Dumnonia fan clubs.

Dr. Malcor and Dragonlords BOD Member, Danielle DiFronzo

If you would like to contact Dr. Malcor about conventions, speaking engagements and similar activities, message her at Legend@malcor.com.

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