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Series 1, Vol. I, No. 8
October 1988

(Note: These are excerpts from the original newsletter that was published on this date. The Queen's Own address has been updated. The club's name changed from Queens' Own to Queen's Own in January 1989. The current President of Queen's Own is Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn. For more information, see http://www.dragonlordsnet.com/qo.htm.)

[Begin Excerpt]

Dear Misty fans:

Thor Records has finally gotten its/their act together and is doing right by Misty. However, to those of you who wrote that they're "good guys" some people aren't good guys by choice only by necessity.

For those of you who want to write the Science Fiction Book Club to urge them to buy Misty's book rights, but haven't bought a book lately with their membership insert in it, the address is [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date address withheld.]. Go for it! Your letters are important and will emphasize Misty's growing popularity.

We were delighted at the enthusiastic response to the possibility of getting Jody Lee's cover prints. We've written Misty for details and will let you know the specifics when we have them.

The final drafts of MAGIC'S PAWN, DAW mid-1989 (The Last Herald-Mage: Book One) and REAP THE WHIRLWIND, BAEN mid-1989, have been completed. Herewith a short introduction to Whirlwind:

REAP THE WHIRLWIND tells of the Order of the Sword of Knowledge, a group of very early scientists building on the remains of the destroyed Sabirn Empire. The current Master of the Order, Felaras, is a member of the military chapter called the "Sword" of the "Watchers". Her chief aides are her Second, a young woman named Kasha, and the two successor-candidates, Sorsha and Teorune, from the Tower (scientists) and the Book (archivists). The story opens as a barbarian horde of horse nomads arrives, so to speak, on the Order's doorstep . . .

[Editor's note: I refuse to be held responsible for other than my own misspellings! Ms. Lackey's sometimes brown pen on brown paper, capital "G"'s which are really "E"s . . . . Aaaaarrrrrrggggggh! Thank heaven she uses a computer to write her books!]

MAGIC'S PROMISE, Misty says, " . . . is coming along nicely on its own. I wrote nearly twice the outline I did for PAWN and it's helping. I do like Vanyel--at this point even when he gets whiny he realizes he's doing it and tries to correct himself. He still suffers from angst, sturm and drang style and needs to get 'whupped upside his hayde' now and again, but he is such a sweetie . . . . "

Misty's World Con report: "Despite having a filthy cold, I had a glorious time. I was only scheduled for half an hour of autographing but 'had' to stay for a full hour as people kept coming up with books. Both panels were fun--'Religion in Fantasy' more so than 'Fantasy Without [Editor's option: (1) Glugs, (2) Glues, (3) Clues, (4) ?].' [Judith says it's 'Elves'.] Kathy Kimbriel, Barbara Hambly, Ru Emerson, Delia Sherman, a friend of Kathy's from Texas, Ellen Guon and I held an impromptu lunch meeting of the 'Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society' at Cafe Maspero in the French Quarter . . . My reading on Sunday I was afraid was going to have maybe three people and turned out to be standing room only! . . . And I definitely want to go back to New Orleans . . . . "

Sound of trumpets! Super news! Misty fan Richard Corbin plans to start a Misty fanzine after he finishes with Fall*Con, scheduled for February 17-19, 1989, at which Misty is the guest of honor, and of which he is President. Richard is a regular contributor to the Anne McCaffrey fan group Ista Weyr's quarterly fanzine Weyr Words and has Misty's blessing for this.

Richard has asked us to tell the writers and artists among you to drop him a line now to let him know of your interest. He will write back with information on how and when to submit stories and artwork. For instance, writers should only send copies, as returning material is time consuming and costly, but artists must send original work.

Write him at [address withheld], and send a SASE, of course.

For more information on Fall*Con, write [address withheld].

Richard also sent Judith a picture of himself showing three Pern fire lizards! They were made by Mrs. Julie Bowman of Mythical Creations [address withheld. Ed. note 2002: http://www.centaur.org/mythjulie/]. She also makes Companions! Complete with harness and bridle bells. Misty was presented with one at World Con. We're going to check them out.

That's all there's room for now.

Judith Louvis and Sally Paduch

[End Excerpt]

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