On many homepages you can see the Blue Ribbon, which stands for a campaign to preserve the freedom of speech on the web. And you probably also know the Red Ribbon, which expresses solidarity with people who are HIV-positive. There may be more. Above now you can see the Rainbow Ribbon, which is all those and more. It literally contains all other good things for which one could want to have a symbol. What I wish to express with it is the following:

be excellent to each other :-)

I mean, what about trying to be a bit more openminded, to respect the opinions, feelings and rights of your fellow human beings? Is it really necessary, to care about yourself and yourself only all the time? Perhaps people might reward friendliness with equal friendliness? Why not give others the benefit of the doubt and be the first one to behave nicely? It could pay off for yourself !

This is in no way institutional or organized, and it's not a joke either. Just my own personal oppinion. This does not mean that I'm a 100% nice guy all day (hehe); Nobody is. But if everybody tried to think just a little bit more about others, wouldn't that make everything easier?

Thank you for reading this to the end. You are, of course, welcome to make links to this page, should you wish to do so.

Best Regards, Robert

(Note: The original URL where this notice was posted stopped working. The members of Dragonlords loved the sentiment so much, that we decided to host this message so people could continue to enjoy the explanation of the rainbow ribbon. Feel free to copy the rainbow ribbon to your own site; please do not link directly to the image on this page.)