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The Collegium Chronicles is the official newsletter for members of the Pacific Northwest Collegium, a Mercedes Lackey Fan Club serving primarily Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, and other various and sundry places. We are a not-for-profit fan-run organization, publishing for the sole purpose of sharing news of Velgarth and other "Misty" realms. The chapter is currently up for adoption.

Send correspondence to Laura Cameron, Pacific Northwest Collegium, anjakiya@hotmail.com.

Danya and Kestran

"Danya Winterborn and Bard Kestran"
Laura Cameron

The Newsletter

Each issue of The Collegium Chronicles contains:

Danya and Terrill

"Danya and Terrill"
Laura Cameron


Yarik and Companions

"Herald Yarik in the Companions' Field"
Laura Cameron

Art Samples from The Collegium Chronicles

The illustrations on this page are from the newsletter. Click on these additional links to see more of Laura Cameron's art. Remember, the images are copyrighted to Laura Cameron, and may not be used without her permission.

These images accompanied "Danya Winterborn," by L.A. Malcor, in which Danya is introduced, is Chosen by Terrill and meets Herald Yarik Rafton. (The original images were in black and white; the scanning process colorized them.):

These images accompanied "Havenbound," by L.A. Malcor, in which Yarik helps Danya reach the Collegium and wrestles with the possibility that he has a tie with her that runs as deep as the one that he shares with his lifebonded, Herald Kaylan Elderwood. (The original images were in color.):

These images accompanied "Bonds," by L.A. Malcor, in which Kaylan returns to Haven only to find his lifebonded, Yarik, claiming to have a lifebond with Danya as well. (The original images were in color.):

These images accompanied "Midsummer Night's Dance," by L.A. Malcor, in which Kaylan, Yarik and Danya travel to the enchanting Elderwood estate in an attempt to sort out their complicated relationship. (The original images were in black-and-white.):

These images accompanied "Darkling Hour," by L.A. Malcor, in which Kaylan is captured by a unit of Hardornans and Yarik and Danya ride to his rescue. (The original images were in black-and-white.):

These images accompanied "Triptych," by L.A. Malcor, in which Master Healer Paige works with Kaylan, Yarik and Danya. (The original images were in black-and-white.):

Danya, Yarik and Kaylan

"Danya, Yarik and Kaylan"
Laura Cameron

Copyright Notices:

Original art on this page is copyright 1998/1999 Laura Cameron, and may not be used with her express permission. Background courtesy of Gilbert's Icon Archive. All uncredited artwork is believed to be in the public domain. If this is incorrect, message L.A. Malcor and proper credit will be given or the artwork will be removed at once, whichever is the preference of the artist and/or the artist's legal representatives. The buttons on this page were designed by L.A. Malcor, using images that were offered for free from the former Here Be Dragons site and various archive sites. The buttons themselves are original designs by L.A. Malcor, and you need to contact her for permission information if you wish to use the buttons on your own site. Please do not link to artwork on this page. If an image is in the public domain, feel free to download it and upload it to your own site. We have a bandwidth limit, however, and if people use it up by linking to our images, we will have to remove the art.

Danya, Yarik and Kaylan Exchange Rings

"Danya, Yarik and Kaylan Exchange Rings"
Laura Cameron

Additional Artwork by Laura Cameron

Female Warrior

Original Sold at Norwescon 1998

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