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Terrill Choosing Danya
Laura Cameron

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Herald Yarik Rafton in the Companions' Field
Laura Cameron

This is my (L.A. Malcor's) personal portion of the Dragonlords site. This section is dedicated to the works of Mercedes Lackey. The purpose of this fan page is to promote Misty's Valdemar and other series. The information contained here is intended solely for the enjoyment of Valdemar fans everywhere. It is not intended to infringe in any way upon the rights held by Mercedes Lackey. Cover art images on this page are used by permission from Amazon.com for the purpose of linking to a site where you can buy these books. (Click on the book covers to go to the Mercedes Lackey section of the Dragonlords Bookstore.) Absolutely no duplication is permitted.

You will occasionally see Mercedes Lackey refered to as "Misty" on these pages. "Misty" is a nickname that she's had from many years now (derived from children slurring "Miss Dee" at a camp where she was a councilor), and the name is the one by which she is affectionately known to her fans.

Queen's Own Seal, 2003-2004

Danya Winterborn is my (L.A. Malcor's) Queen's Own-approved persona. So far she's earned the rank of Herald-Mage, Adept, and she is working on the rank of Herald-Mage, Guardian. The only other known Herald-Mage Adepst are author Ellen Guon and Mercedes Lackey herself.

Fan Fiction

Danya, Yarik and Kaylan

Herald-Trainee Danya Winterborn
with Heralds Yarik Rafton and Kaylan Elderwood
Laura Cameron

So far, I have completed five stories about Danya's adventures. Releases have been filed with High Flight. The tales have been published in the following 'zines:

For a listing of places where you can send your own Valdemar fan fiction as well as read fiction written by other folks, check out the Queen's Own Fan Fiction page.


Here's some fun stuff I cobbled together while procrastinating on my latest writing project <g>.


This section is devoted to magic, some of it on Misty's world of Velgarth, some of it not. Most of the information in these pages has been compiled while Danya works on advancing in rank as a Herald-Mage. (Unless otherwise designated, the section on magic is from the fictional world of Velgarth.)

The Infamous Movie Project

Every fandom I've ever been a part of has, at one time or another, had fun with coming up with a "dream" cast to play the characters in beloved books. This endeavor is just for fun and is in no way intended to be serious. As far as I know, the movie rights belong to Misty, and there I imagine they shall remain until a real producer with real money decides to take on the project. The main benefit of this exercise, as I see it, is to compare the visions of characters as the author has managed to create them in our heads with images that we all know from the magical offerings of the big screen that have so enchanted us over the years. This particular version of the project was initiated by the The Vanyel Fan Club so the chosen books happen to be from Misty's Herald Mage Trilogy.

Dream Cast for Magic's Pawn

Dream Cast for Magic's Promise

Dream Cast for Magic's Price

In The Valdemar Companion Misty registers her own votes for the Dream Cast list for her works. Here are her choices:

David Bowie Falconsbane
Sting Firesong
Kerowyn Cher
Lavan Firestorm Haley Joel Osment
Tarma Lucy Lawless
Vanyel (older) Johnny Depp


Danya and Bard Kestran

Danya and Bard Kestran
Laura Cameron

The recipe booklet available through these links was part of my project to qualify Danya for Queen's Own. The recipes in it were developed solely by me, and I hold the copyright to them. These files are offered to Internet users free of charge under the following conditions: Internet users may maintain one electronic copy and one print copy of the file for use by members of the user's household. Permission to otherwise duplicate or "lend" any of these files without my written consent is expressly denied.

In my character's backstory, she grew up in an area that could grow very little outside of potatoes and onions, so this recipe booklet contains a variety of courses that a medieval-style cook could offer when everything had to contain potatoes.

Mercedes Lackey's Books

If you would like to purchase any of Mercedes Lackey's books from her Valdemar or other series, or if you simply want to learn more about them, please visit the Mercedes Lackey section of the Dragonlords' Bookstore. Dragonlords has obtained permission from Amazon to display the cover art for these books as well. (The Valdemar covers are up; I hope to get the other covers up soon.) Enjoy (but don't copy <g>)!

Click here to see the timeline for the order of the books.

Misty Links

Here are links of interest to fans of the Valdemar series.

If you know of a link you would like me to add, message me at Legend@malcor.com. I'll review the site, and, if I like it, I'll add the link.


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