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 The Black Gryphon
Co-written with Larry Dixon, this first book of the trilogy follows the adventures of the gryphon Skandranon and details how the world of Velgarth wound up in the mess everyone tries to deal with in the later books.

 The White Gryphon
Also with Larry Dixon, this book details Skandranon and friends' struggles as they battle the effects of the destruction of Urtho's Tower. Hardcover.

 The Silver Gryphon
The third book in this trilogy (also written with Larry Dixon), the story turns to the adventures of the next generation as Skandranon and friends do their best to take a back seat to their children.

 Magic's Pawn
The first book in the Last Herald-Mage trilogy, this story, which introduces Vanyel, is probably Misty's best book ever.

 Magic's Promise
The second book of the Last Herald-Mage trilogy, this novel serves as an interlude yet is still among Misty's finest books.

 Sword of Ice : And Other Tales of Valdemar
Misty edited this collection of stories set on Valdemar, but you can see her hand in all of these magical tales (including a new story about Vanyel!).

 Magic's Price
If Magic's Pawn isn't Misty's finest book, then this conclusion to the Last Herald-Mage series is. Read it for yourself, then decide!

 Brightly Burning
Lavan Firestorm's story! Lots of questions answered that were raised by the other books.

 The Oathbound
Book one of the Vows and Honors series, this story introduces two of Misty's best characters, Tarma and Kethry.

The adventures of Tarma and Kethry continue in this second book of the series.

The Tarma and Kethry stories, all collected in one place! Plus a new novella about the intrepid heroines.

 Horse Fantastic
Roaslind M. Greenberg edited this collection of short stories, one of which is by Mercedes Lackey and tells how Weaponmaster Alberich was Chosen.

 Exile's Honor
Weaponmaster Alberich's story, including "Stolen Silver".

 Exile's Valor
The continuation of Weaponmaster Alberich's story.

 By the Sword
Stories of Tarma and Kethry give way to tales of Kerowyn in this stand-alone novel.

 Take a Thief
A stand-alone story about Skif who becomes Talia's close friend in the Arrows series.


 Arrows of the Queen
The first book of the Arrow's trilogy, the story tells how Talia was Chosen and became a Herald.

 Arrow's Flight
In this second book of the Arrow's trilogy, Talia, now fully trained, learns what it really means to be a Herald.

 Arrow's Fall
The third book of the marvelous Arrows trilogy. Talia's struggles to save Valdemar from her enemies will tear your heart out!

 Winds of Fate
In this first book of the Mage Winds trilogy, Darkwind and Elspeth take turns telling you about how they met.

 Winds of Change
Elspeth races against time to master the magic she needs to save her beloved Valdemar.

 Winds of Fury
The third book of the Mage Winds trilogy features Elspeth, who has become the first of the new Herald-Mages of Valdemar!

 Storm Warning
In this first book of the Mage Storms trilogy, we meet a Karsite named Karal as he travels into the lands held by his people's longtime enemies, the Heralds of Valdemar.

 Storm Rising
Karal struggles to fulfill his diplomatic duties as long-forgotten magic threatens to tear the world apart.

 Storm Breaking
Even Vanyel comes back from the dead (sort of) to get in on the action in this third book of the Mage Storms trilogy.

Book One of Darian's Tale. Meet Darian and the villagers of Errold's Grove as they try to defend their homes against a barbarian invasion.

Book Two of Darian's Tale. The continuing adventures of Darian and the villagers of Errold's Grove; lots of Tayledras material and some visits from a few old friends.

Book Three of Darian's Tale. Join Darian and his friends as they travel to some of the northernmost reaches of Velgarth to learn his parents' fate.

 The Valdemar Companion
The authorized reader's guide to Valdemar--including a new novella by Mercedes Lackey!
 DAW 30th Anniversary Fantasy Anthology
This short story collection contains a Valdemar story by Larry Dixon as well as a clever piece by Mercedes Lackey.
 Sun In Glory (A Valdemar Anthology)
This short story collection will reportedly contain the tale about how Talia became a Sun Priest.
 Crossroads and Other Tales of Valdemar
This short story collection will be released in December 2005, but you can pre-order it now!

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